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Hey there, we're Ilia and Azra

We live in Sarajevo, but the world is our home

And that love translated into altering our lifestyle to maximize our portability. Yes, we converted a van.

In summer 2021 we bought an old Peugeot Boxer 2000, and unfortunately spent over half a year just working out the paperwork and doing basic body work.

In spring 2022 we spent 5 months passively converting it into a relatively bare-bones camper - we build basic furniture, added frugal insulation, installed a simple power and water system, and a gas stove.

In August 2022 we set off on our first journey through Albania, lasting almost an entire month - partially vacation, partially remote working. We love (nearly) every aspect.

Now, with some minor updates, we're spending 3-4 days at a time traveling our country, getting ready for a major road trip to France planned in August of this year.

Welcome to Vanlifia.

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